Let's dive into the world of espresso goodness with the Rocket. 

Your Tools:

  • Rocket Espresso Machine (or what ever you have) 
  • Scales

The Magic Numbers:

  • Coffee to water ratio: 18:36g (1:2)
  • Coffee: 18g (fine grind)
  • Water: 36g
  • Extraction time: 28-32 seconds

Let the Espresso Adventure Begin:

  1. Take that portafilter out of the machine and give it a little love with a towel.
  2. Run some water through the machine (fancy term: flushing).
  3. Pop the portafilter on the scales and hit tare (zero).
  4. Dose 18g of freshly ground coffee into the handle and spread it out evenly in the basket.
  5. Grind size should be fine, think icing sugar vibes.
  6. Use your body weight to gently tamp the coffee in the basket with the edge of the portafilter handle on the counter (or a tamping mat).
  7. Clean the rim of the handle, making sure no coffee escapes the basket.
  8. Twist that portafilter into the group head.
  9. Put your scales and a cup under the spouts.

Let the Espresso Symphony Play:

  1. Hit the double shot button, start the timer, and aim for an espresso extraction between 28-32 seconds with a total weight of 36g (that sweet 1:2 ratio).

  2. If it's too fast (shorter than 28 seconds), make the grind finer. If it's too slow (longer than 32 seconds), make the grind coarser.

  3. Stop the machine when the scale hits around 34 grams (to account for scale delay).

  4. Let it drip to 36 grams.

  5. Give that espresso a little stir.

  6. Now, my friend, it's time to savor and enjoy your perfectly crafted espresso! ☕✨

Pro Tips:

  • Keep your machine happy by giving it a daily clean.
  • Between grind adjustments, grind off a bit of coffee to ensure everything matches your new desired size.
December 19, 2023 — Harry Fricker