Matty Matheson's Rink Drink

$26.00 CAD
Blend: 50% Colombian / 50% Brazil
Region: La Celia / Estrela do Sul and Monte Carmelo
Method: Washed / Natural
Producer: Various Smallholders / Maria Aparecida Bartoloci and Ziberto De Jesus Macedo
Varietal: Castillo / Bourbon, Catuai
Elevation: 1350m  / 1100m


"I have never been a coffee snob, but I've grown to love a good cup of coffee. Rink Drink is a 50/50 blend of Mexican and Brazilian beans that reminds me of the coffee I used to sip from my grampy's cup watching junior B hockey in Fredericton, NB. Rink Drink is the coffee for any type of morning. Its for the get up and go mornings. The I’m fucked from last night mornings. Its the coffee you make for your partner. A coffee your children will grow to love in years to come. This is the coffee that started from a memory of love. RINK DRINK is here to get you where you were meant to be" 

 - RINK DRINK is brought to you by the friendship of Dean Petty and Matty Matheson and they’re love for a good cup of coffee.